Saturday, November 12, 2011


Hey Pixies! You have all seen the preview for the NEXT Pixie Hollow movie, Pixie Hollow Games, but, did you know that there is another movie in the works? That's right! It's called, Secret of the Wings. Now, I know what you are thinking, Didn't they just anounce that they were making Tinkerbell and the Mysterious Winter Woods?

Yes, they did just announce the new movie but, Disney decided to change the movie up a little. The NEW title for Tinkerbell and the Mysterious Winter Woods is now, Secret of the Wings.

The movie has to do with Tinkerbell venturing into the Winter Woods to find out the secret of fairy wings. Tink meets Periwinkle (vocied by Anna Sophia Robb) and she, Periwinkle, and her other friends go into the winter woods to try to find the answer.

The original release date for the movie was Winter 2011 but, because the Pixie Hollow Games pushed it back, the date was changed to Fall 2012.

The plot of the movie has not been changed, just the name.

So, are you ready for this new Disney Movie?

To see more, you can visit this website:

Here is the trailer for Tinkerbell and the Mysterious Winter Woods:

Here is also more information about the upcoming movie:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ice Queen Costume!

Hey guys! Layla here to share another costume idea with you! This time I chose to show you how to get the perfect Ice Queen costume! It's really simple and lots of fun! Here is a picture of the completed look:

Hair: Snow White Original Side Swept Bangs
        Snow White Fairy Braids        
        Snow White Hair Dye

Shirt- Electric Blue Snowy Blouse
Skirt- Electric Blue Easy Ruffle Skirt 
Belt - Breezy Blue Warm Winter Belt
Headpeice - Icicle Blue Wintery Tiara
Necklace - Snowflake Blue Firefly Glow Choker
Bracelet - None
Anklet - (even though it can not be seen) Silvermist Blue Raindrop Anklet
Shoes - Frosty Blue Twirly Boots

Dyes Used: Electric Blue - Prisms Paints Shop

This costume is defiantly very unique for the Animal Masquerade! I hope you guys enjoy!

Until Next Time,

~ Layla 

Pixie Hollow News - October 27th 2011

Hey Pixies! Layla here to give you a quick update on all things Pixie Hollow!

What's new:

-- The Animal Masquerade is here!! Be sure to go around to all 12 Pumpkin Canisters in the Hollow to collect some surprise goodies! Say 'Trick or Treat' when you arrive at each pumpkin to get your gift!

-- A new video was uploaded about the Masquerade!! Check it out by clicking HERE!

News and events:

October 29th - Costume Ball with Fawn -  10-11 AM Pixie Standard Time (PST) - In the Ballroom
                        Costume Ball with Fawn -  3-4 PM         (PST)  - In the Ballroom

October 30th - Costume Ball with Fawn - 10-11 AM      (PST) - In the Ballroom
                        Costume Ball with Fawn -  3-4     PM     (PST) - In the Ballroom

October 31st - Trick or Treat with the Pixie Pals - 3-4  PM (PST) - Chilly Falls

November 19th - Pixie Hollow Games premires on Disney Channel. Find out more here -

Other News:

October 31st - New flitterificfairy video -

Check back for more Pixie updates soon.

Until next time,

~ Layla

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Animal Masquerade Costume Idea - Hummingbird

Hey guys! Layla here to show you another Animal Masquerade Costume idea! This time I've taken the Hummingbird costume from Summit Style and spruced it up a little! I think this look is a little more wearable than the original costume. I hope you guys enjoy!

Shirt - Raspberry Red Humming Bird Top - Summit Style
Skirt - Strawberry Red Meadow Grass Sarong - Brook's Basics Shop
Belt - None
Headpiece - Persimmon Orange Dove Feather Clip - no longer available
Necklace - None
Bracelet- Raspberry Red Hummingbird Cuff - Bella's Baubles
Anklet - None
Shoes - Fruitwood Brown Darling Fairy Boots - no longer available

I dyed alot of the items shades of red such as Raspberry Red and Strawberry Red. You can choose whatever red shade you would like or, maybe even try a different color!!

Since you can no longer purchase the shoes, here is another option:

Strawberry Red Petal Slippers - Brook's Basics Shop - Add a cute anklet and your ready to go! You can get the Strawberry Red dye at Daisy's Dyes.

Also, any Feather Strands from Bella's Baubles look really great with this costume if you don't own the Feather Clip!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoy!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Animal Masquerade Costume Ideas!! - Butterfly

Hey guys! It's Layla and I'm here to help you find the PERFECT Animal Masquerade costume!! Every few days I will be showing you a new costume idea for the Animal Masquerade. Today I'll be showing you one of my favorite costumes; a butterfly! This could also just be worn as a really cute Halloween outfit! It's so simple to make and looks so stylish!

Things used:

Top: Pepper Black Buzzy Bee Striped Wrap - Summit Style
Bottoms: Pepper Black Hummingbird Skirt - Summit Style
Belt (optional): Pepper Black Grassweave Belt - Brook's Basics Shop
Headpeice: Goldfish Orange Flashy Fish Mask - Bella's Baubles
Necklace: Firefly Glow Chocker - no longer available
Braclet: Pumpkin Orange Polka-Dot Clutch - no longer available
Shoes: Pepper Black Ladybug Dot Socks -Bella's Baubles

Dyes to color the clothes:

Maple Orange Dye (4 of these) - Prism's Paints
Pepper Black Dye (3 of these) - Colette's Colors

Note: Since the Clutch is no longer available, you could also use the Pumpkin Orange Posey Purse from Bella's Baubles. The look very similar.

Dye the clothes whatever way you want! It doesn't have to be the way I have presented above. Be sure to be creative and have fun with your Animal Masquerade costume!!

This didn't work for you? Keep checking back for more articles with different costume ideas!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Animal Friend Costumes!

Hey guys! It's Sweetstorm from Pixie Hollow here to give you the low down on all some of the animal friend outfits! I'll give you tips on how to pair your own outift with your animal friends so you can be one of the most stylish fairies in Pixie Hollow! Let's get started!!

This week I will be talking about the bat friend costume! Here is what it looks like:

The bat costume makes your pet look like an actual bat! It has two, small black wings that make your animal friend look really scary and also two black, creepy eyebrows! This costume for your animal friend will be the PERFECT outfit for just hanging out or if your going to a Halloween party! It's also great for if you will be flying high in the sky at night time. You could also consider being a vampire for Halloween and pairing this costume with it!

You should really consider changing your animal friends outfit everytime you change yours to really complete your look! I have included a picture of me and my pet bellow so you can see how I paired my outfit with his:

This outfit is great for a Halloween costume!

Thanks so much for reading and keep checking back for more articles featuring animal friends!!

See ya' next time!!

- Sweetstorm

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Red Velvet Fairy Cupcakes!

A picture of Red Velvet Fairy Cupcakes being made in a baking class:
Red Velvet Fairy Cupcakes

10 raspberries
2 acorn capfuls of mouse milk
1 sack of hayseed flour
2 acorn caps of sugar
Pixie Dust

Go to the Neverberry Thicket and collect 10 raspberries. Next, go to Dulcie’s Kitchen and get a sack of hayseed flour, 1 carton of mouse milk, and sugar.

While you are in Neverberry Thicket, stop by Harmony’s Home Collection’s and pick up the following:

Sienna Brown Forest Bins (you will use the two acorn caps for the milk and sugar) Price: 31 spidersilk
Rosy Pink Crocus Bulb Pitcher (use to put the mouse milk in) Price: 23 spidersilk
Optional: Farmhouse Table (to put all of the ingredients on)  Price: 79 spidersilk
Another table is the Harvest Table Price: 54 spidersilk They both look well with the ingredients on them

Then go to Treetop Housewares in Treetop Bend and buy:

a Tinker pot (you will use this to bake the cupcakes in) Price: 57 spidersilk
a Big Mixing Bowl (use this to mix the ingredients together) Price: 57 spidersilk
a Hot stove (to bake the cupcakes) Choose either silver or tan depending on what color decor your fairy home is. Price: 107 spidersilk

For the end result cupcakes, you can either buy:
Leafy cake stands at Harmony’s - if you are hosting a party or baking class, buy as many of these as you need. You can choose from a green base or a brown base that the cake will be set on. Or for a an easier (and cheaper) way to go, head over to Treetop Housewares and pick up a Primrose Pink Tray of
Cookies. You’ll want to pick the pink tray because it is a more natural color if you are making red cupcakes.

Head to your home and set out all of the things that you bought. After that is done, start mixing all of the
ingredients together. Start with the raspberries. Separate each pip and put them into the mixing bowl with the
milk. Stir slowly until the milk turns red. Next, add the sack of hayseed flower. Last, the sugar.
Put the mixture into a Tinker Pot. Sprinkle pixie dust on the cupcakes. Put into the stove! Eat up!!
Hope you guys like this recipe! I came up with it all on my own!